Jozef Cseres

String 'em Up festival: Jozef Cseres (left) with Ben Patterson (right); photo: Jan Sprij

Jozef Cseres

Jozef Cseres (SK) is the curator of the Rosenberg Museum.

Jozef Cseres became the director of the Rosenberg Museum for 2 reasons:

1. He was driving through the Slovakian countryside one day with minimalist composer Phill Niblock, listening to a recent cassette of that composer. As the cassette finished Phill said 'Look we're in the town of VIOLIN...' and so indeed they were.
2. No one else wanted the job.
Since this timely post modern event, Jozef has been responsible for getting the mayor of VIOLIN to hand over the local football club to Rosenberg fans as the new global centre for museum activities. The Violin football club certainly comes equipped for the job, armed as it is with a small concert hall, a bar and a library. At the time of the inaugural concert, the library key had been lost so no one can really ascertain what undiscovered glories lie on those dusty shelves.

When not running the Rosenberg Museum, Dr. Cseres teaches aesthetics at Bratislava University, writes like a maniac on contemporary music issues and organised the 'Sounding Off' festival in Nove Zamky.

bio: Jon Rose, 1999

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