Judith Blankman

Judith Blankman (left) and Lorna Stevens stand inside Susan Steinman's "Balance"

Judith Blankman

Judith Blankman (US) works with sculpture and site-responsive installations.

Judith Blankman's introduction to sculpture began outdoors in a limestone quarry at Sarah Lawrence College in Provence, France in 1979. She received her BFA from San Jose State University in 1981 and MA and MFA degrees from San Francisco State University in 1986 and 1988. Awarded her first solo exhibition at the Institute for Design and Experimental Art (I.D.E.A.) in Sacramento, California in 1989, she has exhibited her sculpture and installation works throughout California, the United States and parts of Europe, including the San Francisco Art Institute, the Columbus Museum, and the University of Montana. In 1979, she worked on The Dinner Party Project by Judy Chicago and recently served as assistant research editor for Mapping the Terrain, a book on socially engaged public art edited by Suzanne Lacy.

Recent outdoor works include Red River Beds, (1998) a 300-foot installation of nine beds floating in a river configuration in a pygmy oak grove, Carry Me Away From Here So I Can (1995-96), a wind-activated, floating sail wheel and Spatial Politics: A Garden (1994), a temporary collaborative garden environment, both built for an office building courtyard in San Francisco. Buried Days Starved Dreams: Auschwitz Memory (1994), an installation exhibited the Oakland Museum is the first in a series of Holocaust works made in response to Blankman's visit to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Her public works include a dirt mural for public housing in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia as well as a conceptual site proposal and interpretive tours of San Francisco's historic Sutro Baths ruins.

The inclusion of performance activations of her installations debuted during the San Francisco Festival at De Fabriek in Eindhoven, Holland in 1992, with a subsequent exhibit in the Prea'di'seum Projekt, organized by Stichting Peninsula in Eindhoven. The performance 8-Ball Obbligato, designed for a pool hall, was created in collaboration with composer Marilyn Hudson and has been presented in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blankman and Hudson continue to collaborate on future sound sculptural projects.

In her site-responsive installations, Blankman seeks to recombine the ordinary into new relationships. Interested in the psychology of space and a humanistic approach to art, social context is frequently explored in her built environments. Believing that the physical experience of a place becomes more relevant when attached to human lives, she quotes known writers and everyday people whose lives fold into the context of each project. Judith also creates socially-motivated food furniture installations that act while they speak. In the Comfort Hunger series, food from each installation was donated after the exhibition closing. Lifestyle: Comfort Hunger has received several awards and is included in the Rene and Veronica Di Rosa Foundation's collection in Napa, California.


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