Jue Yang

Jue Yang is a writer, filmmaker and critic based in Rotterdam.

In her writing Jue Yang explores institutional oppression, diasporic experiences and generational trauma with empathy and criticality. Her images come from looking and listening with receptive attentiveness. Through image-making she finds moments of belonging, which she describes as 'a sort of antidote to rootlessness.'

Jue graduated from the Master’s program in Lens-based Media at the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, NL) in 2020. Before moving to the Netherlands, Jue has lived in Mexico, US and China. In her previous work in New York and Washington DC, she wrote and self-produced plays, coached journalists how to investigate and visualize data and designed/developed websites for various non-governmental organizations. Her current texts have appeared on various cultural periodicals, including the art magazine Metropolis M and the online short film magazine, Talking Shorts.

More: www.lemony.space/

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