Jutta Zaremba

Jutta Zaremba; photo: Jan Sprij

Jutta Zaremba

Jutta Zaremba (DE) is a media-theorist.

Jutta Zaremba holds an MA in Film- and TV Science from the University of Bochum; she worked as a curator of the Marler-Video-Art Prize and as the managing assistant of the special effects centre HDO (High Definition Oberhausen). She has been working as a research assistant for film and video at the Goethe University Frankfurt in the Department of New Media for the past three years. Part of her research has focused on the representation of female icons in computer games. She has published articles in Kunstforum International and Blimp Film Magazine on media art, urban theory and gender studies. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation about representations of New York and Tokyo in the media.

bio: 2002

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