Karoly Toth

Online Realities in 3D: Károly Tóth; photo: Jan Sprij

Karoly Toth

Károly Tóth (HU/NL) is an artist, curator and composer.

Known as the artist Zeroglab, Károly Tóth is an artist, curator and musician. Tóth graduated from De Vrije Akademie, Den Haag and the Bauhaus Kolleg, Dessau.

ZEROGLAB (formerly known as 'Dark&Light Research Lab', 1992-1996) is an independent art institute in Rotterdam / Berlin / Budapest / EU. The institute in an evolving process of exchange with initiatives of individuals and institutions, based on mutual sympathy. Many activities of the lab are non-textual, even non-visual. To have a 1:1 impression, we advise you to get involved with zeroglab. At this very moment zeroglab is active in Rotterdam/EU.

We do not (intend to) make "art pieces" for the art industry. If it sometimes looks like art, it is then a coincidental byproduct of something else. A post-war pre-peace point in a loop, or on some strange curved fragmented timeline.


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