Kas Oosterhuis

Kas Oosterhuis (NL) is an architect and founder-director of Oosterhuisassociates.

Kas Oosterhuis is founder and director of the multidisciplinary practice Oosterhuisassociates where architects, artists and programmers join forces. Award winning projects are: the Saltwaterpavilion at Neeltje Jans, The Netherlands 1997 (Gold Award 1997 for innovative recreational projects, Zeeuwse Architectuurprijs 1998) and the Garbagetransferstation Elhorst/Vloedbelt at Zenderen, The Netherlands 1995 (OCE-BNA award for Industrial Architecture, Aluminium Design Award 1997, National Steel Award honorable mention 1997). Oosterhuis is a member of the artists' collective Attila. A book on the combined work of Kas Oosterhuis and Ilona Lénárd was released in April 1998.




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