Katarina Jazbec

Katarina Jazbec is a visual artist from Slovenia, based in Rotterdam.

Katarina Jazbec is a visual artist who is searching for new forms of dialogue and storytelling while exploring the current questions of ethics, identity, freedom, and economics from different perspectives and ways of knowing. In her work, she finds it essential  to begin a dialogue from a vulnerable position, to take time and create spatial conditions wherein trust, intimacy, engagement, and the unexpected can occur, while the boundaries of shared understanding are tested. With her long-term project Reading Cycle, she explores the imaginative, empathic and self-reflective potentials of interpretive communities around the shared reading of fiction literature with a series of film works. The choice of the subject is always political and aimed at enlarged common understanding. 

Fascinated by the complex relationship between fictional and real, and its effects on society and the individual, she continuously examines it as a subtext in my works through photography, film, dialogue, (shared) reading and writing. I am especially interested in the question of the ethical knowing that emerges in-between.

Her recent works have been shown in EYE Filmmusuem in the Netherlands, OrganVida Photo Festival in Croatia and International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women in Slovenia.


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