Kitty Leering

Kitty Leering

Kitty Leering

Kitty Leering is the Program Director and MD a.i. of PICNIC.

Kitty Leering has been involved with PICNIC from the very start. She has been responsible for project management of the whole Festival in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 Kitty got more involved with the programming of the Specials and the Labs. As of 2009 she has been responsible for all of the PICNIC Festival programming.

In addition she develops, program, gives advise on and manages professional events on a freelance basis (DutchBlend). She mostly works on events that focus on the crossroads between creativity, (media)technology, business and governance. A few examples of events that she has been working on are SpinAwards, ICT Delta, Mediapark Jaarcongres, Dutch Bloggies and TEDxWomen (as a volunteer project manager). Today she is also working on the Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2012.

Until 2005 she worked as the Event Director Benelux for IT-research firm IDC, building their regional event business from the ground up. At Media Plaza (1997-2002) Kitty got acquainted with the world of internet, ICT and new media.


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