Leonie Urff

Leonie Urff (NL) is a mixed media artist.

Leonie is interested in exploring & combining different kinds of media. She likes to invite people to participate in her projects, making interventions between art & audience. Humor is an important ingredient in her work.

Leonie studied Audiovisual Design at the Minerva Academy in Groningen, where she produced short movies, animations & visuals for parties. Eventually deciding to create her own projects from scratch, she commenced a Masters in Networked Media at the Piet Zwart Institute and graduated with the project Expo[re]view in 2009. It was through this project she accidentally entered the field of wearable technology, leading to her current involvement in the E-Textile group at V2_.

Leonie's works present a playful mixture of electronics, textiles, video and internet. She is also a crazy doll maker.

site: www.onilee.nl

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