Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae [foto: Jan Sprij 2009]

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae (NL/AU) is an artist and body architect.

Lucy McRae straddles the world of fashion, architecture, design and wearable technology. Trained as a classical ballerina and as an architect, her wide range of work is ultimately focused on the human body.
Working as a 'body architect' for the Philips Design Probes, Lucy developed a series of technological garments that explore emotional sensing and the interaction between the body and the near environment, by conceiving dresses that blush and shiver. In collaboration with Dutch designer Bart Hess, Lucy creates as well playful, fascinating and sometimes abhorrent body installations, where low-tech prosthetic ways deform, re-shape and amend the human silhouette.


Lucy McRae took part in the Test_Lab: Intimate Interfaces on December 10, 2009.

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