Luka Frelih

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Luka Frelih

Luka Frelih (SI) is an artist working with computers and networks.

Luka Frelih is an artist as well as a computer programmer, free software hacker and web designer. He is a core member of Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab since its founding in 1994. Through the BBS community he got on a weekly radio broadcast promoting the creative use of computers and free software (1993-1996). He was also active in the OS/2 users group in Slovenia (1994-95). 

Since 1994, he has produces many projects connecting technology and art: with Marko Peljhan, Vuk Ćosić, Cornelia Sollfrank and more. Member of Makrolab, ASCII Art Ensemble and pioneering net.art community projects: 7-11, Refresh, Remote-C. Programmed the instant ascii camera, a net art generator and more than one web map interface for positioned radio-linked roaming agents. Together with other Ljudmila programmers he has developing the SLIX (Slovenian easy to use Linux) distribution and diverse free software tools to publish and manage multimedia databases on the web.

Some of his favorite acronyms at this time include: 802.11, GPS, URL, RDF, HTTP, MIME, SVG, PNG, SQL, XUL, XDG, RFC, GPL, CC, KIKI and of course RTFM.


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