Maaike Bleeker

Maaike Bleeker is a theater studies professor, a dramaturg and a translator.

Maaike Bleeker's work combines approaches from the arts and performance studies with insights from philosophy, media theory and cognitive science. Much of her research focuses on processes of embodied and technologically mediated perception and transmission, with a special interest in the relationship between technology, movement and embodied perception and cognition. Current research subjects include social robotics, spectacular astronomy and the intersection of performance studies and space studies, posthuman performativity, corporeal literacy, digital archiving of artistic work, and artistic creation processes.

Bleeker’s monograph Visuality in the Theatre was published by Palgrave (2008). She (co)edited several volumes including Anatomy Live. Performance and the Operating Theatre (2008), Performance and Phenomenology: Traditions and Transformations (Routledge 2015), and Transmission in Motion. The Technologizing of Dance (Routledge 2016). Former president of PSi (2011-2016), she is also a member of the editorial team of MediaMatters (Amsterdam University Press), Thamyris (Rodopi) and Thinking Through Theatre  (Bloomsbury), and of the editorial board of Theatre Survey, the journal of the American Society for Theatre Research (2017 and 2018).

Since 2022, Maaike has been head of the Department of Media & Culture Sciences at Utrecht University. Maaike will present us with an evolution of scenography and theater tech, its relation to the media arts, and share insights from her own research and forthcoming book.

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