Magnus Bugge

Magnus Bugge (NO, 1988) is a Norwegian synthesist, composer and sound artist.

Magnus Bugge is a synthesist, composer and sound artist, with experience from a variety of electronic and electroacoustic music, as well as work with installations, dance and other stage art. Achieved a master’s degree in music technology at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2014.

Stylistically his works ranges from experimental noise to minimalist ambient, but always with a focus on listenability. The 2015 debut LP “Iteration” has been described as “waving sound masses, grinding mountains to sand” and ”full of glowing, ambient synth textures that sound like the sun setting over a mountain range, or perhaps a cityscape of polished glass”.

Magnus Bugge’s main instrument and tool is the Analog Four, a four voice subtractive synthesizer.

More at: magnusbugge.com

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