Maja Kuzmanovic

Maja Kuzmanovic

Maja Kuzmanovic

Maja Kuzmanovic (HR/BE) is an artist and founder of FoAM.

Maja Kuzmanovic, has been nominated by MIT as one of the 100 'Young Innovators' of 1999. Maja Kuzmanovic holds a Master of Arts in Interactive Multimedia and her specialisation is Interactive Film and Storytelling. She is currently director of the newly formed Foundation of Affordable Mysticism (FoAM, at Starlab in Brussels), where she works with various art and technology collectives and is exploring novel modes and resources of cultural expression. She was involved in the development of the Design Technology course at the Utrecht School of the Arts. She previously worked as Artist in Residence at CWI (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science) in Amsterdam, and GMD (National Center for Information Technology) in Sankt Augustin (Germany).

(bio: 2000)


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