Maki Ueda

Maki Ueda

Maki Ueda

Maki Ueda (JP/NL) is one of the few artists in the world using smell as a medium.

My interest lies in the scent in the real life, such as the smell of space, the smell of food and drink, the smell of a person, and the smell related to the memories.

Traditionally, a preference of the scent has been locally oriented. It owes to the evaporating character of the aromatic substance. So it could be said that the smell, in general, naturally represents the essence of a culture.

[from her blog]

Maki Ueda studied media arts with Prof. Masaki Fujihata at The Environmental Information Department (B.A., 1997; M.A., 1999) at Keio University, Japan. She later received a national grant from Japan in 2000, and a grant from the POLA Art Foundation in 2007. Maki Ueda worked in the field of new media art. Her work Hole in the Earth (2001-2004) is a permanent public installation using realtime video, remotely connecting Indonesia and The Netherlands.

Maki Ueda teaches and gives workshops about the sense of smell and taste at The Tokyo Art University (JP), The Royal Academy of The Hague (NL), and at the Willem de Kooning Academy (NL). In 2009, she was nominated for The World Technology Awards Category: Art (NY, USA).

Since 2002 she is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.



Being interested in (virtual) realities, she occasionally curates exhibitions such as Palm Top Theater Exhibition (V2_/IFFR 2011), combining her experiences from the East and the West.

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