Mark Bain

Mark Bain, documentation still 1998

Mark Bain

Mark Bain (US) is an artist-researcher on vibrational mechanisms and experimental sound.

Mark Bain resides in the Boston area where he investigates vibrational mechanisms and experimental sound media at MIT. He is founder of Simulux, an audio/visual research facility based in Seattle. He has exhibited numerous installations and video works both in the United States and internationally.


It's the strangest thing thinking of all the buildings of being alive: the house you live in, the school you go to. But since I've heard Mark Bain's lecture on the buildings he works with, I can't get it out of my system. They move when you close a door (and even more when you slam it) , and they even breathe in all kind of ways. To get the life out of a building is an art, and Mark is practicing it. And he's incredibly creative at it. He looks at a building and finds the soul. By looking at the structure, the light, the architect(ure) and everything else that makes it original and alive. The movement of material, concrete, wood everything that's there. And he builds all kinds of complicated machines to show it. He enlarges the things that are already present, and he breathes life into it by using kind of ninja-stars, you can throw them into a wall and when they go rusting ,the rust gets to the building and lives it's own life. And bullits with stuff in it, some kind of acid that makes the walls looks like a beautiful landscape. I'm normally really sceptic about these things. But he really openend my eyes (no he's not jesus). And since I've heard him talk about it, I'm really unable to shut them again. I used to think about the places I lived or worked in, like: this got a good feeling to it or this doesn't. But now they seem like people or, better even: living creatures on another level.

Mark Bain: Architect Plus by Lydia van Veen, 1998

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