Mark IJzerman

Mark IJzerman (1988) is a Dutch media artist, designer, researcher and lecturer. His works explore human perception and the interconnectedness of the senses, often starting from sound.

In his practice IJzerman often works with sound, creative coding and electronics. For a lot of his works he studies human behaviour, form, movement, sound and complex systems, and links these domains together. He often collaborates across many disciplines such as installations, performances, objects, video, light, software, sound and dance. He draws inspiration from different fields, spanning psychology, ecology, astrophysics, biology and neuroscience.

IJzerman is a lecturer and researcher at the Music & Technology faculty of the University of the Arts Utrecht where he teaches courses on creative coding, media art, installations, and perception.

He is also a part of new media collective Zesbaans and sound art collective Soundlings and writes and runs sound art blog Everyday Listening.

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