Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce at the DEAF95 Symposium; photo: Jan Sprij

Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce (US) is a media artist, writer, researcher, who co-invented VRML.

Marc Pesce is a California-based media artist and the "co-creator" of a Web innovation known as the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, which is becoming the standard 3D interface to the World Wide Web. He is currently writing a book on VRML - to be published this autumn - and frequently lectures and teaches about the topic.

Late in 1993, Mark Pesce and Tony Parisi developed a three-dimensional interface to the Web which embodied many of the lessons learned in several years of research in both virtual reality and networking. Upon communicating these innovations to Berners-Lee, Pesce was invited to present a paper at the First International Conference on the World Wide Web, in Geneva, Switzerland. During a session to discuss virtual reality interfaces to the Web, attendees agreed there was a need for a common language to specify 3D scene description and WWW hyperlinks - an analog of HTML for virtual reality. The term Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) was coined, and the group (headed by Pesce and Brian Behlendorf, of WIRED magazine) began work on a VRML specification immediately following the conference. Pesce's work with VRML and the arts has been documented in the July 1995 WIRED Magazine.



Mark Pesce is cyberspace onderzoeker en theoreticus. Na ongeveer tien jaar te hebben gewerkt in data communicatie, liet hij Shiva Cooperation achter in 1991 om de Ono-Sendal Cooperation te stichten, een vroege virtual reality bedrijf. Na Ono-Sendal, begon Pesce in 1993 aan Labrinth te werken, de prototype voor Virtual Reality Model Taal. Als moderator van de VRML mailing list op het Internet, zorgt hij ervoor dat VRML een open standaard blijft behouden en dat deze groeit tot een volledige interactieve cyberspace. Als spreker en schrijver, levert hij geregeld een bijdrage aan tijdschriften als WIRED, Mondo 2000, Morph's Outpost, en ZiffNet. Pesce is mede-ontvanger van Meckler's Market Impact Award voor Virtual Reality en werd onlangs genoemd als één van Network Computing's Most Influential People in Networking.


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