Mark Shepard

Mark Shepard

Mark Shepard

Mark Shepard (US) is an artist, architect and researcher whose post-disciplinary practice addresses new social spaces and signifying structures of contemporary network cultures.

Mark Shepard's current research investigates the implications of mobile and pervasive media, communication and information technologies for architecture and urbanism. Recent works include Hertzian Rain, a variable event structure designed to raise awareness of issues surrounding the wireless topography of urban environments through telematic conversations based on sound and bodily movement; and the Tactical Sound Garden [TSG], an open source software platform for cultivating virtual sound gardens in urban public space, which has been presented at museums, festivals and arts events internationally.

In 2006 he organized Architecture and Situated Technologies (with Omar Khan and Trebor Scholz), a 3-day symposium bringing together researchers and practitioners from art, architecture, technology and sociology to explore the emerging role of "situated" technologies in the design and inhabitation of the contemporary city. In 2009, he curated Toward the Sentient City, an exhibition that critically explored the evolving relationship between ubiquitous computing, architecture and urban space. The same issue that he addresses as editor of the Situated Technologies Pamphlet Series, or in his other publications.



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