Michael B. Johnson

Michael B. Johnson

Michael B. Johnson

Michael B. Johnson (US) is a researcher.

Michael B. Johnson received his Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT's Media Lab. He was at the Media Lab since 1988, where he also received his MS in Visual Studies in 1991. At the Media Lab, his work has ranged from distributed simulations to digital multi-plane cameras, animation languages to scientific visualization, character construction and debugging environments to narrative intelligence, parallel computation to malleable media design. Before coming to the Media Lab, he studied at the University College of Swansea in Wales and received his BS in Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. While an undergrad, he was heavily involved in the local theater scene, taking graduate classes in theatre and being involved in community theater in Chicago. He worked for IBM in Florida and Cambridge, MA as a co-op, and was a staff member in the Scientific Visualization Program at NCSA for the last two years of his undergraduate studies.

Dr. Johnson is a Media Arts Technologist at Pixar Animation Studios, where he works on future interactive entertainment technology. Before settling in at Pixar, he was affiliated with Thinking Machines for four years, working in the Graphics Group, where he spent two years as a Future Technologies consultant to the Director of Software.

Michael B. Johnson gave a presentation at the DEAF95 symposium.


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