Michael Hensel

Michael Hensel

Michael Hensel

Michael Hensel (DE) is an architect, urban designer and writer.

Michael Hensel is an architect and one of the international team Ocean North, a design practice drawing on a wide range of disciplines, that is at the cutting edge of architectural and urban design thinking. He is also co-Founder and co-Director of Emergent Technologies and Design at the Architectural Association - School of Architecture in London, Professor ‘Research by Design' at AHO, the Oslo School of Architecture, and innovation fellow at the University of Technology in Sydney. In addition he is board member of BIONIS - the Biomimetic Network for Industrial Sustainability and editorial board member of AD Wiley and JBE - Journal for Bionic Engineering, Elsevier Scientific Press. He taught, lectured, exhibited and published world-wide.

Michael Hensel (with Achim Menges) published Morpho-Ecologies: Towards Heterogeneous Space In Architecture Design (2006) and Versatility and Vicissitude: Performance in Morpho-Ecological Design (2008); forthcoming is Emergent Technologies and Design: Towards a Biological Paradigm for Architecture (2010), where biology and music gets involved with architecture and urban design.

Hensel published Absolute Convolut-o-rama in V2_'s Interact or Die! (2007).

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