Michiel Scheffer

Michiel Scheffer; photo: Jan Sprij

Michiel Scheffer

Michiel Scheffer (NL) is an expert in textile economics.

Michiel Scheffer is a Professor of Textile Economics with strong experience in strategic research for the clothing and textile supply chain, which he combines with a thorough economic insight into industry and a long term understanding of the political framework. His main studies have been carried out for the OETH, within consortia for the EU Commission, for EURATEX, and for a wide range of trade associations and companies. He also travelled on trade and investment missions to countries such as Uzbekistan, Ukraine, South Africa, the Baltic states and Bosnia in the 1990s. Michiel has been deputy-director of FENECON and a member of the Trade Policy Committees of ECLA, Comitextil and EURATEX. He was also a member of a number of special working group on preferential origin rules and sat on a subcommittee on the phasing out of the ATC Quota. His recent interests veer more towards technical textiles and innovation. He has carried out several studies for the Associazione Tessile Italiana and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, and undertaken assignments on regional innovation for several Dutch regions and companies.

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