Michiel van Bakel

Michiel van Bakel [© esterni]

Michiel van Bakel

Michiel van Bakel (NL) makes sculptures, installations, and short videos.

Michiel van Bakel, as sculptor, creates dynamic perspectives from frozen moments of time by combining basic principles of photography and video with digital techniques. His strong technical approach produces a poetic virtual reality in which 'human-ness' remains central.

Michiel van Bakel briefly studied astronomy and psychology before attending the art academy in Arnhem. Coming from classical sculpture, he shifted to multimedia works in which spatial relationships became a main concern. His works have received awards at international film and video festivals.

Van Bakel uses a complicated and inventive technique in which short scenes are filmed by different cameras from a large number of angles and then edited together in the method of a 'flip-book' animation. As a result, the bodies of van Bakel's subjects appear to be unnaturally suspended in space, because most of the duration of the video is taken up by showing a single moment from different spatial angles, demonstrating how our perception of the physics of bodies moving in space is highly governed by the temporality of that movement. The fact that van Bakel uses footage of subjects moving in outdoor architectural settings extends these experiments to considerations of how different mediums, such as architecture and video art, represent or manipulate the nexus between time and three-dimensional space.




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