Mika Satomi

Mika Satomi (JP/AT) is a media artist, a researcher and an educator.

Mika holds a BA in Graphic Design from Tokyo Zokei University, and an MA in Media Creation from IAMAS, Japan. In her practice, her interest is to experiment with technology as a medium of expression and to understand its language capability. The main focus of her research is "Play Theory" by Johan Huizinga, and how we integrate technology in mechanisms of play in our time. Her favorite thinker is Ludwig Wittgenstein. Since 2007, she has been collaborating with Hannah Perner-Wilson under the name KOBAKANT. Their projects often involve Wearable Technology, turning one's body into an interface, creating unusual interaction between humans and machines, but also between humans (users) and humans (audience). KOBAKANT pursue their practice with the spirit of Open Source and sharing knowledge.



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