Minke Nouwens

Minke Nouwens is a visual artist with a deep fascination for the narrative properties of things.

Specifically, Minke Nouwens is curious about how digital technologies and material objects tell stories through colours, textures, movements, and sounds.

She states:

'My fascination with object narratives originated with the colourful images of non-Western art works that surrounded me as a child, and which fuelled many of my play fantasies. Because of these images, I pursued a BSc and MRes degree in Cultural Anthropology. And, as this field is intrinsically linked to art for me, I also took certificate courses in Art History, Material and Museum Cultures, and Curatorial Studies. Eventually, my love for material research led to a specialisation in methodology and ethnographic research, which paved the way for an almost organic transition into artistic-based research.

In my artistic practice, I have found the perfect balance between art and anthropology for myself. I continue to explore the cultural contexts of material narratives. And I create my own things to inspire new stories, that can satisfy the inquisitive and imaginative heart of our inner child along the way.'

More: titletobeannounced.com

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