Minke Nouwens

Minke Nouwens is a language artist and keen researcher of materials and materiality.

Born in Breda, educated in Anthropology and Fine Art in the Netherlands, Ireland. New Zealand, and Great-Britain, and currently working as a Research Fellow in Art in Den Bosch, Minke Nouwens is a language artist and keen researcher of materials and materiality. She uses an interdisciplinary approach – combining  practice-based research and ethnographic fieldwork – to speak with materials from the inside. Her work weaves these voices of materials together with words, sounds, and texts to create critical essays, fictional short stories, and public engagements. In these works, the lines between fiction and non-fiction, magic and realism, and dreams and facts blur and bleed together, building little pocket-worlds, within the reality we currently know, where things can be different.

Her writings have been published in the Amsterdam Social Science Journal and on Allegra Lab: Platform for Anthropology, Law, and Art. She has exhibited work at Eye Filmmuseum and Points Centre for Contemporary Art Kunshan. Lastly, she has also lectured at the University of Amsterdam, Victoria University of Wellington, and Master Institute of Visual Cultures akv|st.Joost, and given presentations at EASA Biennale in Stockholm and Nieuw Dakota in Amsterdam. 

She states:

'My fascination with object narratives originated with the colourful images of non-Western art works that surrounded me as a child, and which fuelled many of my play fantasies. Because of these images, I pursued a BSc and MRes degree in Cultural Anthropology. And, as this field is intrinsically linked to art for me, I also took certificate courses in Art History, Material and Museum Cultures, and Curatorial Studies. Eventually, my love for material research led to a specialisation in methodology and ethnographic research, which paved the way for an almost organic transition into artistic-based research.

In my artistic practice, I have found the perfect balance between art and anthropology for myself. I continue to explore the cultural contexts of material narratives. And I create my own things to inspire new stories, that can satisfy the inquisitive and imaginative heart of our inner child along the way.'

More: titletobeannounced.com

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