Mischa Daams

Mischa Daams (1986) is an artist that composes for the senses, while researching the space in between the physical and virtual.

Mischa Daams' artistic practice consists of experiential environments, performances and films in which simple choreographies convey complex behavioural patterns in diverse media such as kinetic motion, moving images, light and sound. Inspiration for his work comes from universal rhythms and feedback loops that underly natural phenomena, perception and just like consciousness his works emerge and transform over time, giving rise to an emergent, behavioural entity. Daams approaches his work as open systems that explore and unfold relationships of control and co-dependence between technology, perception, the body and space. After a BA in Multimedia Design, in 2013 he finished his MA ArtScience in the ArtScience Interfaculty, at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.


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