Miya Masaoka

String 'em Up festival; photo: Jan Sprij

Miya Masaoka

Miya Masaoka (JP/US) is a composer, performer and sound artist.

Miya Masaoka plays Jazz, classical Western, electronic, traditional Japanese music and free improvisation. Her debut LP "Monk's Japanese Folk Song" (1997) with improvisations and compositions by Masaoka was extremely well received; three pieces even entered the Top Ten of the US charts.

Miya Masaoka plays solo or in collaboration, with artists such as Ornette Coleman, Pharaoh Sanders, the Berkeley Symphonic* Orchestra, or the RIAS Orchestra. She plays at festivals worldwide, and with/for record labels such as Asian Improv Records, Music and Arts, Rastacan Records or BMG. Masaoka founded her own ensemble, the Masaoka-Orchestra.

'Body and music in our society' is the main focus of Masaoka's work.

source: String 'em up, Podewil Katalog, 1998


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