Nik Gaffney

Nik Gaffney; photo: Jan Sprij

Nik Gaffney

Nik Gaffney (BE/AU) is a systems and media researcher, and a founding member of FoAM in Brussels.

Nik Gaffney is interested in the processes and artefacts emerging out of glitches, feedback and interconnectedness. He has explored this field together with farmersmanual - a multi-sensory disturbance conglomerate, with which he is exploring network sonification, development of media generating neural networks and tools for networked performances and remote collaboration. With farmersmanual and radioqualia, he has been involved in some of the early internet based sound feedback cycles involving narrowcast and broadcast models (commonly referred to now as net.radio) other experiments with farmersmanual (and others) have involved publicly accessible web interfaces to live radio (fm) talk-back broadcasts, micro-transmitters relaying ice-cast streams, and many distributed performances. At FoAM, he is researching biological models for computation, investigating generative systems, and finding connections between everything and everything else.


bio: 2001

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