Nina van Hartskamp

As an artist Nina van Hartskamp investigates the space between us.

Nina van Hartskamp's (1990) projects are re-actions to what she breathes in. They are research-based and combine text, textiles, organic materials, photography, film, audio and performance and focus on the relationship between humans and their environment. They often develop through interactions with people and places in her direct surrounding. For instance; her local neighbourhood, a Hungarian village, her mother, a museum, people’s bedrooms, a lover, a train station, ect.

Whilst investigating shared spaces and collective narratives from a personal perspective, she aims to softly uncover and visualise systems and patterns that affect our thoughts, behaviour and actions, which naturally affect the state of our home at large. How are we influenced by and depend on one another, humans and non-humans alike? How can we create experiences to honour that dependency?

Her projects often derive from potent questions she has in relation to the environment and the need to stir things up to change them for the better, but she can’t just decide what’s better for all and that’s where you come in.

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