Nina Wakeford

Nina Wakeford [foto © Jan Sprij]

Nina Wakeford

Nina Wakeford (UK) leads INCITE - Incubator for critical inquiry into technology & ethnography.

Nina Wakeford is the Director of INCITE in the Department of Sociology, University of Surrey.

She is a Reader in Sociology and an ESRC Research Fellow 2007-2010 at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Her previous research projects include studies of internet cafes, women's discussions lists and the use of ethnography by new technology designers. Amongst her publications are papers on virtual methodologies, queer identities, digital communities and public internet access provision.

Along with colleagues at INCITE she is interested in the ways in which collaborations can be forged between ethnographers and those from other disciplines, such as engineering and computer science. She is particularly concerned with the ways in which critical social and cultural theory can play a part in the design process, including the challenges which feminist and queer theories pose to collaborative projects between designers and sociologists, as well as technology studies.


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