Norman T. White

Norman T. White

Norman T. White

Norman T. White (CA) is an artist and fussy logic pioneer.

Norman T. White presented his first major electronic work in 1969 at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and has been exhibiting his electronic and robotic work internationally ever since.

His core artistic beliefs are:

1. Art should concern itself as much with behavior as it does with appearance.
2. Some of the best art happens when behavior and appearance are completely at odds with each other.
3. Economy of means is a critical part of aesthetics.
4. Art functions best, and is most needed, outside of galleries and museums.

Until his retirement in 2003, White taught at the Ontario College of Art & Design, in the Integrated Media Program, Digital Electronics, Computer Programming, and Mechanics for Real-Time Sculpture. Since then, he teaches similar subjects at Ryerson University, School of Image Arts.

He collects old computers, celebrates 42 years without a full-time job, and holds Sumo-Robot Competitions in Canada: http://webspace.ocad.ca/~sumo/



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