Oliver Goodhall

Oliver Goodhall [Jan Sprij 2010]

Oliver Goodhall

Oliver Goodhall (UK) is an architect and designer.

Oliver Goodhall graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, 2005, and from Design Interactions, at the Royal College of Arts, 2010, both in London. He worked in architectural practice on a diverse array of projects, and co-founded the architecture and design studio We Made That with Holly Lewis. Oliver is also connected to the Open_Sailing project.

Says he:
I relish opportunities to bring projects to fruition and, as my interests stretch further beyond the typical boundaries of architecture, enjoy exploring different disciplinary and cultural contexts.
My projects are designed to expand engagement between policy making and creative practice in the public realm. My intent is to be logically utopian and playfully analytical. My project outcomes may be informative, revealing, outlandish — or hopefully all of these.


Oliver Goodhall will present his work Nuclear is Good during the Test_Lab: The Invisible City on July 8, 2010.

Nuclear renaissance vs blackouts? - Oliver's work, a speculative proposal, based on months of research, and shaped by conversations with an ethicist, political scientist, town planner, and the like, proposes circumventing some of the more serious concerns of nuclear energy with 'protective barrage clouds', 'anti-cyclone defense zones', or 'concrete emergency services'.


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