Otto E. Roessler

DEAF98 Symposium: Otto E. Rössler

Otto E. Roessler

Otto E. Rössler (DE) is an endo-physicist.

Otto E. Rössler was trained in medicine and obtained his PhD in immunology. He won a visiting appointment at the Center for State University of New York at Buffalo in 1965, and has been with the University of Tübingen, Germany since 1970. He was a visiting professor of mathematics at Guelph University, in 1981, of nonlinear science at the Center for Nonlinear Studies of Los Alamos, in 1983, of Chemical Engineering in Charlottesville, in 1992 and of physics in Lyngby, in 1993. He authored about 140 papers on chaos and about the same number on other topics. He co-authored a book on chaos (with Jürgen Parisi and Joachim Peinke) and is the author of Endophysics (edited by Peter Weibel) and of Das Flammenschwert, oder Wie hermetisch ist die Schnittstelle des Mikrokonstruktivismus? (The Sword of Flames, or How hermetic is the interface of micro-constructivism?) (1994).

He is Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry and Chaos Researcher at the University of Tübingen (D), and Distinguished Professor of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics (CDN).

bio: 2003

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