Paul Perry

Wiretap 4.10: Paul Perry [photo: Jan Sprij]

Paul Perry

Paul Perry (CA/NL) is an artist.

If artists be either misanthropists or sociopaths, then Paul Perry sees himself as belonging to the type misanthropist. As an artist, he divides his attention between the study of diversity and its propagation and identity and its survival. Examples of his work include the first part of a multi-part film on the simulation of Near Death Experiences (1,000 Deaths: Sortie 1, 2000), the development of a new constitution for the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam 2.0, 1998), the design of a small rock garden featuring a sub-critical nuclear reactor (Nuclear Garden, 1998) and the creation of an immortal man/mouse hybrid at the University of Maastricht (Good and Evil on the Long Voyage, 1997).

Paul Perry works for Media-GN, Groningen.


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