Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley (CA) is a pioneer in the field of responsive architecture.

Philip Beesley practices digital media art and experimental architecture by using leading-edge technology. A worldwide pioneer in the fast-growing field of responsive architecture, Beesley and his team of collaborators pose the question "could architecture come alive?"

Beesley constructs exquisite thresholds that mediate between craft and manufacture, meaning and behavior, physicality and psychology. His creative work has focused on "field" oriented sculpture and landscape installations over the last two decades. He maintains a practice that combines sculpture with public buildings, exhibitory and stage design. 

Beesley creates spaces that dissolve into forest-like hovering fields, kin to primitive life-forms within dense jungles and ocean reefs. His responsive environments offer bodily immersion and wide-flung perception.



Interview with Philip Beesley during DEAF2012. from V2_ on Vimeo.
The interview was conducted by Jelke Landman, Christiaan Kanis and Paul van Rijckevorsel.

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