Pierre-Andre Arcand

Pierre-André Arcand

Pierre-Andre Arcand

Pierre-André Arcand (CA) is an interdisciplinary vocal/performance artist.

Pierre-André Arcand's art is a blend of voice, throat work, chants, noises, sounds and texts. He creates multi-media works of voice, sounds, visual poems, animated slides and video noise.

Pierre-André Arcand is a sound artist and poet. He works with contemporary technology and is active in the experimental music and performance scene.

He invented the macchina ricordi (a modified recorder that accommodates both the tape loops and simultaneous overdubbing) and the sounding book (a small metal box played by scribbling on its surface with a microphone).

Arcand began his art career fresh out of college in the mid-'70s from the poetry and visual arts front. In 1978, he joined the Quebec City artists' collective Inter/Le Lieu. He published some poetry, but mostly worked as an art book editor, events organizer, and multimedia happening artist.

He is a member and co-founder of the sound art collective Avatar and has released albums on its affiliated label Ohm Editions, the first one Eres+7 in 1992.

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