Pieter Lemmens

Pieter Lemmens teaches philosophy and ethics at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Lemmens has published work on themes in the philosophy of technology and innovation (open source and commons-based); the work of Martin Heidegger, Peter Sloterdijk and Bernard Stiegler; the Anthropocene; post-operaist Marxism (Hardt, Negri, Berardi); and themes from philosophical anthropology and postphenomenology. He translated Stiegler’s Philosopher par accident into Dutch (2014) and co-edited a book on the philosophy of landscape and place (2011) and one on contemporary German philosophy (2013), both published in Dutch. He is currently preparing a monograph on Stiegler’s work and an introductory book on the philosophy of technology. His current areas of interest are the philosophical and politico-economic aspects of human (cognitive) enhancement technologies, the philosophy of psychedelics, and the philosophy of technology in the Anthropocene age. 

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