Po-Ting Lee

Po-Ting Lee

Po-Ting Lee

Po-Ting Lee / 李 柏廷 (TW) is a new media artist.

Po-Ting LEE is a Taipei-born new media artist. He has an almost incurable condition of Thalassemia and this is the main context for his creations. LEE studied sculpture in the Taipei National University of The Art. His works then were chiefly kinetic/installation and as well as sound works. LEE is currently studying at the Graduate Institute of Arts and Technology in Taipei National University of the Arts. In his work, he attempts to combine kinetic installations and sound.
In 2011, LEE and his friends formed the interdisciplinary art group XOR. The group created an interdisciplinary interactive performance and performed at the opening ceremony of the 6th Taipei Digital Art Festival. Since then, they have been collaborating with various choreographers and fashion designers, and still seeking for new collaborators to extend the possibilities of their art.


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