Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens; photo(detail): Jan Sprij

Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens (NL) is a sound artist.

Radboud Mens is a sound-artist from Amsterdam whose work is rooted in and continues to develop within the broadest definition of contemporary music. While his interest in the physical effects of sound on the body gave him a preference for noise in his early work, his later music has contributed to the development of minimal-techno, glitch and experimental dub. Mens uses electronic technology to render audible microscopic sound processes. His sound-world is in a constant state of spatial and temporal flux, and incorporates found sound and influences from the media.



Radboud Mens and Bas Van Koolwijk have been exploring the interaction between image and sound, since 2000. Their performances take shape as they take place, and a rehearsal to them is primarily an investigation into how digital imagery and sound language influence each other. Van Koolwijk applies video in order to work with abstract images as if he is waging a war on them. Mens mixes electronic signals and minimal techno in intoxicating, dub oriented pieces.


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