Rainer Linz

Rainer Linz, photo: Jan Sprij

Rainer Linz

Rainer Linz (DE/AU) is a composer and the undisputed voice of Australian alternative new music.

Rainer Linz is a composer and performer with a long involvement in Radio, music theatre, instrumental and electronic music. His work includes an opera, as well as numerous chamber and electronic pieces intended for live performance. He is also an author and publisher and as such has provided the only documentation of what can be described as 'experimental music' over the last 20 years in Australia. His association as the sound designer with performance artist Stelarc extends back over a decade. He works regularly using his interactive set up with clarinettist Brigid Burke.

Rainer Linz has designed a range of electronic instruments and sound machines, beginning in 1979 with his (dis)continuous music installation - a miniature gallery piece producing (and produced by) random bursts of noise. He has developed a "score reading software instrument" (called ASP) designed to play analog synthesizers, and also a real-time interactive sound system used to create the sound in performances by Stelarc.


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