Richard Bierhuizen

photo: Carina Hesper

Richard Bierhuizen

Production/Sound at V2_

Richard Bierhuizen works for V2_ since DEAF 2007. At V2_ he is involved in technical coordination and production of all V2_ events, as well as building the exhibitions and running the workshop. If needed, Richard builds the artists' installation or helps with building and improving it.


Besides V2_, Richard currently works for Arminius (head technician), DEAF (technical coordinator) and Cinekid Medialab (technical coordinator)


In the past Richard has worked for Dogtroep (Cargo, Loket 25, Laad Los) Vincent van Rooy (Vlucht) Anouk van Dijk ( STAU!! -tour Japan, Czech Republic, Spain) Lady Gaga (tour UK, Germany, the Netherlands), and Dunya Festival (Japan charity-stage)


Richard is also a father, DJ and a music- and sound enthusiast. 


Phone: +31 10 206 7272

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