Robert Henke


Robert Henke

Robert Henke (DE) is Monolake.

Robert Henke aka Monolake studied sound engineering for film at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Potsdam Babelsberg. He worked as a mastering engineer and vinyl cutter for dubplates & mastering, Berlin, and as sound desginer at the theatre Berliner Ensemble. Henke currently works as software engineer for audio applications and as mastering engineer for CDs, various sound installations and music for films. He releases music as "monolake" on his own label ml/I (monolake / imbalance computer music). Now a solo project, Monolake was established as a collaboration with software engineer Gerhard Behles in 1994. Monolake's live set has been a collaboration with video artist Alexej Paryla who studied design at Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin, and who did light design, photography and video, as well as visual concepts and realisation for various clubs and other events in Berlin.


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