Rodney Hoinkes

Wiretap 1.06: Rodney Hoinkes [photo: Jan Sprij]

Rodney Hoinkes

Rodney Hoinkes (CA) is a information representation design expert.

Rodney Hoinkes has a background in the field of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A from the U of Toronto, current D.Des. candidate at Harvard University), computation (has run a software development consultation firm; team leader of a winning team in Apple Computer "Interfaces for the rest of us" competition, 1992), and teaching (in design studio, professional workshops, and courses in computation and design). 

His current interests and explorations take him into the areas of representation for a wide variety of design information in spatial manners, mapping in 3D, continuous temporal (4D) maps, and diagrammatic knowledge maps of design processes (vs simply the resultant products). Hoinkes also actively pursues issues involved with the development of design and planning process over the internet in increasingly interactive ways.

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