Rodney Place

Rodney Place

Rodney Place

Rodney Place (ZA/PL) is a South-African multi-media artist and director.

Rodney Place's multi-disciplinary and multi-media work focuses largely on art and urbanism, whether as satirical commentary, activism, or permanent installation. He works thematically with different elements making up a project, fashion, photography, drawing, painting and sculpture, video and performance works.

Rodney Place makes large-scale sculpture/land-art/urban installations, such as The Lost World of the Pacific - Nowhere's Arc (1996); Flight from Egypt (1997); City Bowl (1997); African Bowl (2001); New Skins-New Skeletons (2003), - as well as performance and video works - Couch Dancing (1996); The Washing of the Soaps (2000); RETREKS unSUNg CITY (2000); City without Walls (2004); Pole-Land (1st version 2005); F..klore (2006-). Retreks (1999-2002) explored emerging Johannesburg through four social viewpoints and Infections of the Void (2002-) bridges between the post-territories of South Africa and Central Europe.

Rodney studied at the Architectural Association in London, and has lived and worked in over 20 countries, presenting his work to a variety of audiences and at festivals worldwide. In 1982, he founded The Laboratory of Uncertainty, a ten-year collaborative project involving installation and fiction writing, offering studios as a visiting artist/architect throughout the USA and Canada. In 1996, he founded in Johannesburg, ZAR Works, an art, architecture and production company.

In 2003, he was commissioned by the South African Cabinet to design/develop a project for a living monument to the African Union in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Kwazulu-Natal. New Skins - New Skeletons, a one-kilometre land art work that includes three museums, set about to shift the paradigm of land and landscape in Africa to embrace the aesthetic inclusion and hybridization of infrastructure into an African setting.

At V2_, he is working on his ongoing multi-media project Angels of Stealth, an allegory of East-meets-West in contemporary EUrope. In Pole-Land (2005), the soldier/stripper episode of Angels of Stealth was co-produced by ARTE’s Temps d’Images Festival. Angels of Stealth: F..klore was developed in residency at Museumsquartier, Vienna, at the invitation of EIKON magazine (2007). The pilot of Angels of Stealth was shown as movie-in-the-making @ Hotel Europejski, Warsaw (2008). F..klore: Polish Girls are so lovely and delicate was further produced in residence at Vrije Academie/World Wide Visual Factory in Den Haag (2008).

Rodney Place lives and works in Johannesburg and Warsaw. 


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