Rop Gonggrijp

Rop Gonggrijp. Taken from http://rop.gonggri.jp/

Rop Gonggrijp

Rop Gonggrijp (NL) is is a hacker and one of the founders of XS4ALL.

Rop Gonggrijp was a teenage hacker before he founded Hack-Tic, an infamous hacker magazine that appeared irregularly between 1989 and 1993. He organized large outdoor hacker events and was co-founder of XS4ALL, one of the first Internet Service Providers in Europe. After his time at XS4ALL he founded a computer security consultancy company and a company that makes voice encrypting mobile telephones. In 2006 he started an organization to lobby against the complete lack of transparency and basic computer security in the Dutch e-Voting system. As a result the Dutch are now back to voting using paper ballots, and the same system has also been banned in Germany.  Apart from his ongoing interests in technology and civil rights, Gonggrijp has outspoken views on the state of the economy and some of the huge global challenges of reaching the limits to growth: climate chance and peak oil.

Gonggrijp's blog: http://rop.gonggri.jp/

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