Roy Ascott

Roy Ascott [1992 © Jan Sprij]

Roy Ascott

Roy Ascott (UK) is a pioneer of cybernetics and telematics in art.

Roy Ascott is the Director of CAiiA-STAR, a transdisciplinary centre for research in art, science, technology and consciousness, based jointly in the University of Wales College Newport, and in the School of Computing, University of Plymouth. He is Adjunct Professor in Design|Media Arts at UCLA. A pioneer of cybernetics and telematics in art, he has shown at the Venice Biennale, Electra Paris, Ars Electronica Linz, V2 Holland, Milan Triennale, Biennale do Mercosul, Brazil, European Media Festival, and gr2000az at Graz, Austria.

He has been Dean of San Francisco Art Institute, Professor for Communications Theory, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and Principal of Ontario College of Art, Toronto. He is on the editorial boards of Leonardo, Convergence and Digital Creativity, IDEA and the Chinese www.tom.com. He advises arts councils, media centers, and festivals in the North America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Korea and Japan. He publishes widely. His books include: Art & Telematics: toward the Construction of New Aesthetics. (Japanese trans. E. Fujihara). NTT, Tokyo, 1998. Art Technology Consciousness (2000) and Reframing Consciousness. (1999), both Intellect Books.

Roy Ascott participated in the Book for the Electronic Arts (2000), and the lecture, program Telenoia (1992).

His CAiiA-STAR (Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts), has been renamed Planetary Collegium in 2003: http://x2.i-dat.org/~mp/PC.html

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