Sally Jane Norman

Sally Jane Norman at "String 'em Up" [photo: Jan Sprij]

Sally Jane Norman

Sally Jane Norman (FR/NZ) is a cultural theorist whose research is focused on live art and technology.

Sally Jane Norman is a cultural theorist/ practitioner whose research is focused on live art and technology, author of studies for UNESCO, the French Ministry of Culture, and the French National Scientific Research Centre, co-/organiser of workshops, performances, and seminars exploring human interactions in digital environments at institutions including the International Institute of Puppetry - Charleville-Mézières, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie - Karlsruhe, STEIM in Amsterdam, IRCAM - Paris. Sally Jane is currently Director of Culture Lab at Newcastle University.



New Zealander/ French performing arts theorist working on theater technology links. Doctoral dissertations on non-figurative aesthetics in live performance, and staging the body in avant-garde theater (Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle). Texts published on subjects including shaping spectator gaze, modes of alienation or "otherness" in live performance, and immersion and theatricality; research associate with the CNRS Performing Arts Laboratory. Organizer of the 1993 Louvre International Conference on New Images and Museography, and the 1994 motion capture course for performing artists at the International Puppetry Institute. Trained in dance and martial arts.




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