Sanne Helbers

Sanne Helbers

Sanne Helbers

Sanne Helbers (NL) is a media analyst and art sociologist, who applies her skills as a junior curator.

Sanne Helbers (NL) studied Arts and Culture at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She obtained a Master in Media and Journalism, specializing in Photo Analysis; and subsequently did a second Master in Sociology of the Arts, partly undertaken at UCL in London. She is currently wrapping up her master thesis.

Arts and culture hold a great interest for Sanne from a young age onwards. She started at a youth theatre school at the age of nine, where she performed in several shows, and in a range of disciplines from modern dance to theatre.
In her spare time, Sanne likes to paint. In January 2010, she had her first exhibition at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Sanne Helbers joined V2_ as Assistant Curator in January 2010, where she was involved with the exhibition "The Third I - Virtual City" which took place at the World Expo in Shanghai and in Rotterdam.


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