Seiji Shimoda

Seiji Shimoda: On the Table; photo: Jan Sprij]

Seiji Shimoda

Seiji Shimoda (JP) is a performance artist.

Seiji Shimoda is performance artist, poet and director of NIPAF (Nippon International Performance Art Festival). Born in 1951 in Nagano, Japan, he started to write poetry in highschool and then discovered performance art. Shimoda explores the boundaries of writing with his action poetry. Using his large network of international performance artists, Shimoda organises Nippon International Performance Art Festival since 1993.

Seiji Shimoda participated in the book Book for the Electronic Arts.  He is a participant of the performance On the Table (1994), and the event Body and Nature (1994) which was part of the Opening of the V2_ building in Rotterdam.



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