Shailoh Phillips

Shailoh Phillips is a polymash media artist / researcher / educator.

Originally trained in Anthropology, Philosophy and Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam, Humboldt University), Shailoh Phillips has spent the past decade working in the field of digital media and design education, as well as cultivating a collaborative studio practice of cross-media projects and tinkering with electronics. She works along the interstices between digital/analogue, making/thinking, art/engineering, theory/practice, building interdisciplinary bridges. Her practice revolves around fostering playful forms of resistance and seeking out pressure points to act in the face of social inequalities and unfolding ecological disasters. In 2017, she graduated from the MA Education in Arts and Design (Piet Zwart Institute). She is a researcher at  Critical Making Consortium, and teaches Hacking and Digital Crafts at Willem de Kooning Academy, and in the Design, Curating and Writing Master at the Design Academy.


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